Ecommerce and startup podcast

The stories of entrepreneurs & innovators that create, make & ship items for stores and your mailbox.

We talk in detail about what it takes to transform an intangible idea into a tangible object that is designed, sold, manufactured, shipped, and delivered in the digital and physical world.

Available Episodes

The Hot Sauce Startup

Episode 1 of Objects! with ShipHero gets spicy. How do you run a Kickstarter campaign for a new hot sauce company during a quarantine? What does it take to switch from digital brand strategist to hot sauce entrepreneur?

Is it possible to make and sell authentic hot sauce out of an apartment in New York City?

Nicholas talks with Bayou Gotham founder Scott Bellina to get an answer to all of these questions and more.

Board Games and 3PLs

Episode 2 has some fun with board games! What do you do if your new object is an unexpected hit? What does it mean to capitalize on success?

Nicholas explores these questions with ShipDaddy founder Joe Spisak. Before founding his 3PL, Joe created and launched a successful board game called Dicey. His experience running and shipping his own e-commerce product made him want to redefine the fulfillment experience for other entrepreneurs. Joe’s story will tell you how he found a game developer without any prior experience, how he struggled with traditional fulfillment partners, and how he converted those struggles into a best-in-class customer experience for other his clients.

Interested in being featured on our show?

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